Definition: a long-distance foot level, which is characterized in the (1), the right foot (4) engaging two left feet can be cast measuring body composition foot level. This level not only for short-distance measurement ruler, but also for remote measurements, but also solve the existing level meter can only be measured in the open, narrow places difficult to measure the shortcomings, and the measurement accuracy, low cost, easy to carry, economy Be applicable.

      Features: light weight, less than 2 meters 1.5kg / m, 2 meters above 3kg / m. A 6-meter-long flat feet only 18 kilograms, a person may use a light subject. Not easily deformed: general steel materials song service point 30kg / mm2, iron castings song service point is 38kg / mm2, while the magnesium alloy reached 110kg / mm2, equivalent to 3-4 times, played a resistance to bending, easily deformed effect, bending index magnesium aluminum flat feet far beyond other materials.

      Ruler with horizontal bubble level can be used to test, test management, commissioning equipment is installed level. For example, the use of nuclear power plant equipment such as pumps when leveling alignment.


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